Thursday, June 26, 2014

Field Trip to the Port of Houston

Today we went on a boat ride at the port of Houston. We couldn't wait to board the ship!

Here we go!!!



  1. today we went to the place war the boats war and later we had soft drinks went we were thirsty. when we was outside we saw water splashing.

  2. Today we went to a field trip to the port of Houston .and we went in a boat and it took
    a long time but we stil had fun! and we had some soft dreinks in the back and that
    was cool.

  3. Today we went to a boat trip it was fun we got soft drinks then we saw a lot of boats it was the beast boat trip I've never seen so many boats in my life the boat trip was really cool because the boat had seats! and i took my phoun to take pickchers it was fun well it was refrashing we had so much air it was fun well Im done bye

  4. Today we went to a field-trip and i had fun and when we got there we play for a long time and a play a game and then we got on the boat and it look so cool and then it was moving and we had soft drinks and it was so good and we got to go out from the boat and it was windy and we so people working and then we came back to school and i had so much and that is all am did.

  5. Today we went on a field trip we got on a boat. it was so fun. they gave us soft drinks.i saw a dove it was so white. and we saw so many ships .inside there is so many sets. the water was poluted .