Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Field Trip to the Weather Museum

We had so much fun at the Weather Museum today!

We went into a hurricane machine that had winds up to 70 mph blowing on us! It was so fun!

We were given some cool weather t-shirts!

We learned about flooding and how the Houston area has built retention ponds to help handle flooding.

 Our guide, who is a Meteorologist, did an experiment with us representing low and high pressure.

We went in front of the green screen and presented a weather report just like real Meteorologists!

We had so much fun trying to figure out how to point to certain areas on the Map. We found Low and High pressure areas and were able to show the path of the fronts each were bringing.

A lot of us found that it was tricky to watch the screen and point to what we were trying to! It took practice!

We learned about hurricanes and the history of the severity of storms. When a storm is really bad they will retire the name and not use it again. To chose names they go down in alphabetical order, alternating by male and female names. We learned about Hurricane Catrina and Rita, since they happened before most of us were born. We also learned about IKE, because most of us were too young to remember.The storm that caused the most devastation in our Area was the Great Storm of 1900, that hit Galveston. 


  1. yup! it was fun on the weather museum we get to have t-shirt and we get to go in a blow thing that it feels like a tornado and we got to see a anmol move.Finly we got to eat!mmmmm.....it was good.And we seen lago map and we hard how a hurricanes are form.It was inchresting.Here comes the fun part we........got to stan in frunt of a green paper and on a comper like the weather gy .

  2. Today we want to a field trip to the weather museum and we want in a mushen that
    blows as 73 mils and that was cool and i got in there twise. and we learned in the 1900
    in great storm ther was a masuve hurricane that dechroud all the houses and a
    lot of people dide.

  3. today me and my class went to a fun field trip we had a good time we learned about tornados we went into this machine.

  4. Today we took a filed trip and we went to the weather museum we got to learn that we are in the sesoun of hurricanes so stay safe.