Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Today we learned about Galaxies. There are three different types of galaxies. spiral, elliptical and irregular. Our galaxy, 'The Milky Way' is a spiral galaxy. If the Earth were in an elliptical galaxy, we would not have night. It would be bright, both day and night!

Here is what spiral galaxies look like.

 Here are examples of elliptical galaxies.

Lastly, If a galaxy doesn't fit into the other two categories. It is an irregular galaxy.

After learning about the different types of galaxies, we made our own! First, we got a coffee filter and decorated it with neat designs using markers. Then we dropped water on it and watched the colors blend together. Our galaxies were all unique!

Once our galaxies were finished drying, we added them to our universe board and gave them all names!

Here is our awesome universe! We had fun creating this neat illustration!


  1. Today we made spirelly galaxys and we used straws and paint and whater and coffe filter when we were done it look like the real galaxy well it was fun well next tme I blog well bye.

  2. Today we did a project.it was awesome.the things you need are markers then you need are a cup of water then you need some straws.then you color it in a planet it is so so cool.in art we made are own plant it with the seeds that i got it from the art teacher.was awesome.i had a good day i loved it so so so much.

  3. Today we did a cool experiment we got some coffee filter we cute it in a corcle .We colord it and we named it and it was fun.and we got to hang it up on the wall out side in thehall way and it looks riley cool and that is the coolast experiment in the school we had sow much fun every budy had fun and every budy is happy because we hadthe coolest experiment in the school.

  4. Today we did a experiment .We use 3 coffee fitter a straw a cup of water.we flatend the 3 coffee fitters.And we had to make a spiral galaxy and the elliptical galaxy.And we got marker and we made the spiral galaxy and the elliptical galaxy.then the third one we had to choose to do a spiral galaxy or the elliptical galaxy .I pick the elliptical galaxy.We had to pick a name so mine was green so I called it the Green Galaxy and put it on the board.

  5. We went to the weather museum.We learned about how hurricanes form.