Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gravity Makes it Happen

Yes, Gravity is a mystery. Sure, we know a lot about gravity. We know that it is a force that pulls you toward another object, or in our case the Earth. But it is much more complex! Have you ever stopped to think for a moment how much it would affect us to not have gravity here on Earth? Thank goodness for gravity!

Here are some fun facts about gravity!
Did you know that...
* Planets have their spherical shape because of gravity.
* Your mass stays the same no matter where you are. If you are on the moon, your weight is one-sixth your weight on the Earth, but your mass is exactly the same.
* The gravity of the sun is so strong that it holds all nine planets in the solar system in their orbits. Don't forget that the earth is 93 million miles away from the sun- that is a strong gravitational pull!!!
* Gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces of the universe!

Let's check it out!

We made a swing using cardboard and string to see how long the eraser would stay in the middle. We slowly started to swing the platform in a circle. We gradually increased its speed until you can swing it overhead without the eraser falling off.

We noticed that the gravitational force kept it held down to the cardboard swing even when we did it fast but the key was to keep it controlled. If something interfered with the consistency or became uncontrolled the eraser went flying off.


  1. I learned that gravity is a magnetic fors that pols you down and you know what they say what gos up must come down. andwe made an pogect that we try out what we did was we put a eraser and uesd it. it was like a swing andthen we put an eraser in it and then we swinged it arown in a crcel we tryed to not drop the eraser and gravityhelpd.

  2. Stuf that gos up must come down like bass bolls toys.So im going to tell you stuf that can go up socer bolls markers and futt bolls. did you know if you wate 60 powneds then you wate on the moon 10 powndes?

  3. Today's experiment was to use four string ,a sqare , and a eraser to we put the eraser in the sqare and we spind it round and round and it spind for 21 sacants and that was cool we and we trid the sacand triy and it spind 32 sacants and it spind more than the last one .and it was fun .and the eraser floow to the trashcan and that was cool to.and we had alot of fun and the other groups did the same thing that we did and every bodey had fun to!

  4. We did a experiment.It was with gravity.We swang erasers.We swang them on swings.It was fun.It was a chaleng between us and gravity.On pluto you are varry light.But on Jupiter you are supper heavy.

  5. Today we learned about gravity.And we did a experiment.We use a squared piece of cardbord.She made 4 holes in it and 4 pieces of and a eraser.We put each rope in the 4 holes.Then we made a knot in the rope so it can stay.Then got all the pieces and tied it in a knot.Then we put the eraser in the middle.And see how long it takes to fall.

  6. we did a experiment and i had fun and to make it you need sting card bord and the last thing a erasr and i learnd that if we did not have gravity we will be floting and that we do have gravity it is pulling us dawn so we do not flot and i love summer shool and mrs hiner is the queen of the blogs.

  7. we tock about gravity. gravity pulls you down if you wate 60 on the you wate 10 on the moon. did you know ploto is the coldist you also know ploto is cold because ploto is fore away from the sun.