Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Today we learned about Astronauts!

After reading the Astronaut Handbook, we made Astronaut stories and illustrations of our own!


  1. Astronauts are so cool because there are so many difrint tipe of astronauts .Some astronauts travoul in space some Astronauts experment some astronauts fics stuff.
    and you have to servive in the woods and that is cool too.And swim with have stuff
    to and that is sooper cool but they mite drown and that is not cool that is sade to
    and you have to have good grads all the time to untile you grageradid and that
    is good to have good grads!

  2. today my teacher red a book about astronaut on space we learned a lot abut when you . are a grown up you can learned about a astronaut you can be a astronaut some day you can explore new planets have a good time on space you can come to space with your frends and your family. by by.

  3. today i learned that astronauts do lots of training be for going to space when. i grow up i will be a astronaut but first i would have to train i would like to be a astronaut.