Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer School

The past four weeks have flown by! We have had a blast here at summer school! Thank you all for coming every day ready to learn while having fun! We have learned a lot of neat, new information and have gone on some fun field trips! 
What were some of your favorite things you did in summer school this past month?
What new information did you learn?
Did you surprise yourself with any of the experiments and activities?
Let's take time to reflect about our time here at Woodview ACE Summer School!


  1. Today was a asome day because we get to prasutat what we did and we get to show
    awer parants what we did and it was cool and we are going to have a party to. and we
    whant to cool field trips and it was a amsing to.

  2. We went to 2 field trips called the weather museum and the port of Houston. we learned ways to stop flooding streets.In first grade Mrs. Hiner teach us lots and lots of fun stuff and i was supper happy to have her in summer school.

  3. today is the last day of summer school we present are flip chart we are going to have a party in our class room because it is the last day of school. we had fun together with my class room bye bye wood view elementary.THANK YOU.

  4. I had a great summer in summer school. My favorite part was the field trips. My favorite field trip that we went on was the Weather Museum because there was a lot of information. Plus it was not polluted and stinky. In art we cooked food and planted succulents. In health fitness we did gymnastics, chalk, and more. It was fun.